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Revolution Performance Fabrics

STI (Specialty Textiles, Inc.), the makers of Revolution, first introduced Revolution to the furniture industry in March 2014. Revolution was the first PFC chemical free performance fabric to hit the marketplace and was the only one made entirely in the United States after much of the textile business went overseas in 2008.

Made in The USA

STI is a family-owned textile mill located in Kings Mountain, North Carolina that has been in continuous operation since 1964. They are the manufacturer and distributor of Revolution Performance Fabrics, which has become one of the most in-demand performance fabrics in the home furnishings industry. Unlike many other performance fabrics, Revolution is 100% made in the United States and contains no PFC chemicals. Revolution is perfect for families who want a beautiful fabric that is stain resistant, but doesn’t have a huge price tag. Revolution is also perfect for small children and pets because it is super easy to clean when life’s messes do happen.

Products with Revolution Fabrics

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