Featured Product: Karastan Rugs

I grew up with large wall Karastan rugs that we inherited from my grandmother.

As a kid I would get a running start from the kitchen and slide across the living room karastan. It’s a fond memory.

We had two layers of rugs in our house. The winter rug – the thick Karastan wool rug – and below a lighter weight, neutral colored Flax Rug that we called our summer road. My grandmother lived with us. The routine through the 1970s was to have the winter rug removed cleaned and stored at Mercy Carpets – a long standing family business in Richmond, Va. Times change. Mercy is no longer in business and for a while, thick wool rugs didn’t seem to be in fashion anymore.

What do you do with Coke bottles and all the plastic waste we created in this country? Let’s make rugs out of them! That’s right, Karastan, now owned by Mohawk, is making rugs out of recycled Coke bottles. I was first introduced to this about eight years ago at the High Point furniture show. When I ran my hand across the rugs they were plush, soft and luxurious much to my delight and surprise. Karastan is still making their most popular wool designs, but now they have taken the old designs and developed many new contemporary designs combining there long history making high-quality rugs with modern-day fibers and technology to produce wonderful products made in the USA.

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