5 Tips to Refresh Your Home Interior- for Free!

With many of us spending more time at home during quarantine, you might find yourself looking around and thinking that it might be time for a home interior refresh. If you’re looking for some ideas to inspire you, try these 5 ways to refresh your home interior for free!

1. Declutter Your Living Space

We are blessed with abundance in the USA. Sometimes too much abundance. When the abundance becomes a burden, it’s time to declutter and get organized.

When decluttering, I have found that it is best to start with storage spaces. The exploration of our “forgotten” treasures is fun and nostalgic. It allows us to re-discover items that we can use again. This is also a time for gathering donations – giving someone else an opportunity to love these items and use them in their own home interior space.

Normal everyday life for most of us is just busy. My life gets pretty busy with 5 kids. At times, there are just too many things that collect everywhere. It’s the Creeper! Clutter just creeps up on us all.

When decluttering living spaces, solutions can be as simple as removing a percentage of stuff in the room. Consider grouping like items, display one group while storing the others. Consider removing a few pieces of furniture from the room for a more open, airier feel.

I remember my mother & grandmother calling this “spring cleaning!” Every generation has a word for it, but one thing is true, even the most clean, immaculate, minimalist, contemporary, interior designs, will get cluttered overtime. It’s part of life.

2. Re-Arrange the Furniture

Now that you have opened up your spaces, move things around. Shift your chairs. Flip-flop the room. Move a chair, end table, and lamp into a different corner for a reading nook.

There are many free interior design apps on the market. House Beautiful has a nice summary of 8 of them that you can check out and try.

Have fun! Try something new for a few weeks. You can always switch it around later.

Rustic Living Room Theme

3. Photos & Art

Rehang them. Move them around. Organize them by theme, shape, or color. Move them from one space to another. Grab one of your inherited pieces and hang it on the wall with photos. Even something like your grandmother’s metal spaghetti strainer or a vintage ice cream scooper can be a conversation piece on the wall mixed in with family photos and art work.

boho chic bedroom and decor

4. Plants and Arrangements

Greenery softens all spaces. I love leafy plant material and many are easy to maintain. My personal favorite is the Peace Lilly. Move plants around. Rethink your end tables and plant stands for different heights. Bring a plant inside. Repot a plant to make 2 if you can divide them. Try placing a potted plant into a vintage piece of luggage or a decorative crate.

Even if you do not have a garden in your yard for making fresh flower arrangements, cut what greenery, bushes or branches that are available and work with what you have. Rethink and reuse.

5. Rotate Collections

My wife, Stephanie, has a collection of pillows that she rotates seasonally. If you like to display books, rotate the stack on your coffee table and mantle. Pull travel mementos and souvenirs from storage and rotate them into displays. Figurines from Aunt Sue. Children’s artwork, pet rocks… just about anything will do.

However you choose to refresh your home interior space, be creative and allow your personality to shine through. Most importantly, have fun with the process and create space that makes you happy!

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